Brisbane based medic-preneurs Audeara forged their business in response to identifying a way to vastly improve audigram tests. The medical team witnessed an increase in hearing loss cases, particularly in young patients. Incomplete documentation needed to perform the test, resulted in no test occuring - wasting an often long-awaited appointment.
The Audeara team then pursued a better outcome for their patients, with an unwavering resolve.

The first step in their process was a developing a digital test that closely matched an audiologists hearing loss diagnostic process.

The digital diagnostic tool was life altering for patients and doctors. The team took it to the next level - integrating everything into a set of headphones.

Clandestine Design Group and Audeara worked together to develop world-class headphones to give users a memorable and customisable listening experience. 

Audeara | Bringing music to those with hearing loss

Audeara | Bringing music to those with hearing loss

After consultation with medical industry experts and potential users, the Audeara team were ready to launch. 

The team knew the importance of seeking out funding for their project - so they set their sights on crowd funding through highly regarded us-based site Kickstarter. And Kickstart they did, achieving their $100K goal within 15 hours.

At the end of the full 45 days of the campaign, more than 1500 backers had pledged their $466 305 support.

CDG are working with Audeara to deliver the A01s headphone designs.

Audeara forged their business to improve the diagnostic process for patients and medical practioners. They continue to identify new iterative opportunities for innovation in future versions of the Audeara range.

CDG looks forward to working with the Audeara team on future versions of this range and future opportunities for medical ranges that they identify.