Think of us as your shadow partner and collaborator, stuck to your side, we work within your organisation to educate as we execute any design project. This enables your team to learn our design led methodologies and appreciate our processes so that your company is better armed with design innovation skills into the future.

The Situation: 

It is a battle to be in business today. Post GFC, Australian companies are doing it tough competing in the new global economy.

Clandestine Design Group has battle experience competing on a global scale.

The Australian market is small and we can be impacted significantly by shifts in the global economies and technological trends such as the internet of things (IOT) for example. Consumers can now buy intelligent products that have the power to disrupt local companies and services online with the simple click of mouse.

Its' more important than ever that what your offering is the best, first and different in the new global market. In response to this situation, some local industrial firms such as CDG have stepped up to use design more strategically to help their Australian clients.

Not only do designers still need to create world class product user experiences, but they now must use their design skills to help create brand loyalty by enhancing a client's customer experience also.

Design strategy and tactics now need to be applied to the entire customer experience supply chain, from their initial moment of awareness or need to purchase to the very end of the products user experience life-cycle.

Our Mission: 

Using these skills our mission is to not just help you win this battle, but also the war to keep your business surviving and thriving for the long term.

We work collaboratively and covertly with you to research your market and understand your customer's needs. We then harness the power of design to develop new products and services that will generate value and disrupt your competitors.

We work with you to deliver results against two levels of design. The first and higher level is to design customer experience supply chains that create desire, pleasure and brand loyalty. The second focuses on what happens once they receive your product. Here our product design skills ensure a user experience and product performance that results in product longevity and love from your customers.