commonwealth bank Of AUStralia (cba)

Clandestine Design Group were engaged by the CBA Innovation team to undertake a Strategic Design review of the business. CBA were looking to modify their commercial footprint as their customers’ needs and the need for retail banking spaces was changing. 

The team worked with CBA and various sections across than bank for more than 12 months. CDG conducted several rounds of workshops with the management and retail teams to identify the pain points in their ‘business as usual’ processes.

The outcomes for the CBA were highly disruptive recommendations for the banking industry that met most importantly, the needs of their customers and employees. 

Commonwealth Bank of Australia | ***

Commonwealth Bank of Australia | ***

CDG developed and designed the next generation portable banks which are able to geographically go to the customer. For example a sports field or festival to provide a service, as opposed to the current approach where customers seek out a bank.

The most disruptive, included an ultimate 'CBA on wheels', a secure but completely portable truck design. The truck includes all of the things both customers and employees could want and more in their bank. It includes an accessibility ramp, stairs, an ATM that lowers onto the ground, coffee machine, seating, kitchenette, air conditioning and equipment to perform the same services as in a retail space.

CBA integrated CDGs designs and recommendations into their plans for future commercial fit outs as they work to meet the targets they identified in their 2020 Workplace plan.