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Our network partners are important and we have accomplished a lot together...

Complex user experience and new product development programs often require more design specialists involved than just industrial designers. Advanced electronic products for example, may require design and engineering input from Electronic Hardware, Software and Graphic User Interface (GUI) developers.

When we are working on projects that focus on improving a businesses customer experience we often require digital and physical design and strategy expertise. These experts can be drawn from brand, communication, sales and spatial areas as well as the typical product design expertise associated with new touch point interactions.

By no means does working with Clandestine mean you have to work with our network partners referenced below...we are collaborators first and foremost and we cherish the chance to meet, engage and work with new people every day.

Having said that though it has been a great honour and pleasure for the Clandestine team members to have had the chance to work with these engaged, exciting, inspirational and professional design and engineering partners over the last decade or so...

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