Clandestine Design Group and Brisbane based team Redfish worked in partnership to commercialise the KNX Edge and the KNX Insight. Each design brings something new to the monitoring and automation market.

The Redfish team operates in the product development game and have done so for more than 20 years. They are masterful at blending the software and hardware systems to measure and monitor data. 

Their product range, are ‘small fish’, to tuck away nicely into electrical and telecommunications cupboards, but they actually fit a lot into a small package  performing the role of a giant or whole school of fish. 

The KNX Edge is a modern secure interface between the KNX network and the rest of the world. It integrates business processes and; measures and monitors customer data. 

The KNX Edge offers blue-water innovation in the industry and was the first of many exciting projects that CDG and Redfish work on together.

Redfish | RNX - GW1

Redfish | RNX - GW1


Clandestine Design Group and Redfish collaborated to design the KNX Insight, a combination of visualisation and control range covering everything you need to build a flexible display system.

It includes a powerful editor, elegant wall mounted touch displays, smartphone applications, secure remote access, and a managed system for multiple display heads.

This means you don't have to install custom software on your PC or worry about moving configurations into applications or devices. It also means you can connect your phone App directly to an Insight device without worrying about installing configuration details, making it easy for guest access.

The Insight editor is based on the concept of zones, where a zone can be a building, a floor, a room or an outside area. Each zone can itself contain multiple zones, for example, a Building with Rooms, as well as functions, such as Lights, Blinds etc.

Zones can be tagged with access information, used by a display to control access to the project. In this way you can have a top level view, say all the rooms in the building, plus a room specific level view for a room controller all in the same project.