Clandestine Design Group is a new unit and right now our team is small but agile and ready to roll out to your business and get stuck into your projects.

You are the other part of the team. You and your resources are critical in any design programme. You provide, history, context, business acumen, and access to customers as well as your rich and valuable experience in the market.

Together we will combine your experience with our design led practices to gain new understanding of your customers to develop innovative, exciting, valuable and highly desirable products and services.

We will roll our sleeves up, get dirty and get into this problem, CDG are skilled at seamlessly engaging collaborative partners to continue to deliver programme milestones and meet your expectations.

These partners are in industries that cover:

- Quantitative Market Research

- Brand Strategy

- Graphic Design

- Digital Communications

- Architecture, Interior and Spatial Design

- Digital Communications

- Cloud, App and Web Software Development

- Intellectual Property Protection

- Advanced Mechanical Engineering

- Electronic Hardware Engineering

Check out the Partners page further to see the breadth and depth of our collaborators. 

Neil Davidson | Design Director | Founder 

We have compiled a short biography for Neil Davidson | Clandestine Design Director below but we have recently found a video link where he has been interviewed as part of the Hightide Exhibition which will be a better medium to get to know him. 

Hightide featured 22 prominent designers and their works from the past decade: 2002—2012. The works featured the best in contemporary industrial, furniture and object design. Check out the Art + Design Portfolio page to find out more.

In tail end of this video, Neil discusses the design program for the new Rover Challenger lawn mower. This project was completed during the time when Neil was the Design Manager for CMD - Strategy | Design | Innovation.

Biography : Neil Davidson 

Prior to taking up the challenge of founding Clandestine Design Group, Neil was the Creative Director at CMD, a Tier 1 Australasian based consultancy he worked at for 14 years.

Things have been going fantastically! I love the fact that I am still engaging with my clients strategically but running my own consultancy now means that I am back on the tools, sketching, model making, running the CAD stations and caring about the nuts and bolts again also. Its re-honing those tactical skills and making me a better and more holistic designer.
— Neil Davidson | Clandestine Design Director

Clandestine has a co-lab design and entrepreneurial business agenda also. Neil is really excited to be working on self funded design venture projects. Some of which are running a typical bootstrap development model where as others leveraging investor networks and looking like they may commercialise more rapidly than expected. 

One major venture project for Neil and Clandestine focuses on providing value to his family. Neil is reinvestment of time and design expertise into innovan - campers | caravans | mobile shelter systemswhich is a family business Neil helped establish over a decade ago. 

Highly awarded and industry respected, Neil's focus for design and Clandestine has shifted somewhat. 

I have worked long enough in the big, high profile consultancy model to know that Clandestine needed to be different. It is time to get in, get on and make impact with design. I guess that is the real purpose behind Clandestine - we are not here to revel in the limelight! We are about being collaborative, covert, quiet and quick in execution and delivery of both, world quality product innovations and real value to our clients.
— Neil Davidson | Clandestine Design Director

Outside of Clandestine and in late 2014, Neil co-founded and launched Australasia's new and independent Industrial Design School called AUXILIARY.

Also in 2014, Neil was humbled and honoured to have be asked to take up a 3 month part time contract assisting the icon Sunbeam Australia as their interim Design Director.

Feel free to connect or check out Neil's full CV on Linkedin

Clandestine Design Team |

Felicity Davidson | Business Manager | PR - Communications

Felicity has more than 15 years experience in marketing and corporate communications roles, providing coaching and guidance to more than seven CEO’s and executive teams. She worked in businesses with 15 000 – 65 000 employees - developing strategic plans, writing, coordinating and creating corporate communication channels; and contributing to major change and reform programs. 
Outside of work Felicity loves binge-reading books and uses this passion, volunteering as a literacy coach for kids in foster care.
Learn more about Felicity on Linkedin

Sara Pontoppidan | Senior Designer

For nearly a decade Sara has been working with leading Australian design consultancies to push the bounds of innovation.

Drawing from a passion for future tech, cognitive psychology and emotional design she balances user, market and business needs to turn ideas into purposeful products and joyful experiences.

Learn more about Sara on Linkedin


Jason Smith | Senior Designer

Jason has over 17 years of industry experience and is actively involved in delivering innovative product solutions across a wide range of sectors from consumer electronics to interior fit outs. He has had the privilege to work for some amazing international clients and very talented designers over the years.  Originally from the UK, Jason moved over to Brisbane in 2010 to work with Neil and the team at CMD. After a shift in focus for the last two years, Jason is very excited to be working with Neil again in his own consultancy, Clandestine Design Group.

Learn more about Jason on Linkedin

Angus Shaw | Junior Designer

I have always enjoyed creating, exploring and expressing ideas through visual art and design. For me Industrial Design has been the most practical and rewarding application of this process. It is such a broad and varied discipline with highly transferable skills. I aim to become a balanced designer and to create valuable and considered work. In my spare time I practice fine art so I almost always have a sketchbook at hand. 


Alexandra French | Junior Designer

My passion for design started early - as kids we were taught to pull things apart and put them back together, in a slightly better way. From there - if I acknowledge there is an addressable problem, and do nothing, then I have not been true to myself. I am excited every day there is an opportunity to learn something rapidly innovative, inventive or the knowledge to approach a solution differently. Outside of design, I love all kinds of adventure sports, sport inspired adrenaline - the best drug around!

Learn more about Angus on Linkedin 

Learn more about Alex on Linkedin