Venn Band

Clandestine Design Group partnered with Josephmark to create the Venn range of wearable bracelets.
They identified a need to create a product that transmitted affection between loved ones.

Many Josephmark team members travel for work and they personally identified a need to transmit a message to loved ones, despite being in different time zones or thousands of kilometres apart. The Josephmark team turned the concept into a reality.

They used their globally demanded digital branding and design magic to create software and App for Venn created by their talented team. CDG developed the product to work in seamlessly with the software and designed a high-end wearable bracelet.

Venn Band | ***

Venn Band | ***

After their US team identified an opportunity to be part of Season One of Americas’ Greatest Makers a pitching series backed by the reality monolith the Survivor production team. The Venn successfully gained a place on the debut series, pitched to three industry tech and incubator heavy-weights in each round.

The customer feedback and comments from the judges meant drove the development of a new, second-tier, entry-level range. Although it did not progress to the final round the Venn design and software were both warmly received by the tech enthusiasts and the US market.

The Venn is still going from strength to strength and it is now in a Beta phase.