Company Workshop / Man's Land  

Clandestine Design Group have quite a few building projects on at the moment, many of which are directly or indirectly related to setting up a studio in the Bunker under the Design Director's house in Yeronga. 

Last year a massive White Ants' nest discovered in in the workshop inspired the team to take on a new and very exciting project - Man's Land!  Since starting the business, this project has had new importance placed upon it as it will be critical to have a functioning workshop and model making space for the team. 

Below is a photo summary of the process so far! 

The Clandestine Design GRoup -  Studio Bunker 16 

Although Clandestine Design Group is only a couple of years old, the team is working on the design and refurbishment of our new studio under the Design Director's home. Internally the space is jokingly referred to as Bunker 16 which  fits the Clandestine Design Group culture protecting the clients' intellectual property by maintaining a level of discretion and secrecy.

Below you can see the colour pallet, materials theme and the proposed design layout that is being quoted out for construction.  In the short term this project means the team are moving to an off site space for approximately six months early in 201. 

Below are some quick and dirty screen captures from CAD for the proposed layout. The studio will take over an old rumpus and laundry room area. 

To level the cement floor in workstation and main proposed studio area is going to be built a raised wooden feature floor. The laundry will be moved and a funky new kitchenette installed. The client meeting area and workshop table will be positioned on the concrete floor area which will be cut and polished.  

The Clandestine Design Group yellow will be used as a feature colour on the exposed I beams and book shelves. The brick work will also be highlighted and treated in a feature charcoal colour.