Clandestine is a new organisation and as a result our client work is still covert and not yet released...

Our practice and trade-craft skills do however cover all aspects of Customer Experience Innovation, New Product Development and its associated User Experience design.

We have been fortunate enough apply design and gain experience across a wide range of industries and product categories.

Industrial design consultants in Australia don’t really have the luxury of specialising in a particular product type or industry sector. We simply don’t have the market size to support the type of specialisation we see in the US or Europe for example.
— Neil Davidson | Clandestine Design Director

The Clandestine team has commercially released product examples and gained experience in each of the following industry sectors. 

Art, Design and Public Exhibition

Numerous pieces developed and displayed at Artisans and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Automotive and Transport

Trains, cars and motorcycle styling, caravan design and engineering, mass transportation system design.

Agri-tech and Natural Resources

Vehicle Automation, Animal Management and Mining application products.

Building and Construction

Materials, Tools and accessories.

Electronic Consumer Goods

Home Appliances and Communication accessories.

Furniture and Interiors

Furniture design and fit-out design management of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Studios.

Homewares and Fashion

Luminaires, Cutlery, Jewellery and Watches.


Dental Lighting, Blood Collection and Vaccination Equipment. 

Outdoors and Garden

Lawn-care Equipment and Irrigation Systems.

Public Spaces and Civil

Street Furniture and Way-finding Systems.

Ruggedised and Harsh Environments

Military Communications and underground Mining Equipment.

Sports and Leisure

Sports Gear, Apparel and 4x4 Adventure Equipment.