Side Slide - Lounge + Coffee Table

Furniture design and making is a passion for most designers. There also seems to be a natural connection between the aesthetic and structural properties of bent or formed plywood and designed furniture. 

The below range is called the Side Slide due to its unique twin plywood component construction. The internal component not only provides a colour contrast to the external but also slides laterally providing more table surface whilst maintaining its structural integrity.  

Droopwood - Lounge Table

Similar to the above project, the below concepts explore more dynamic product outcomes through steam mould forming and complete integration between coffee table and lounge. 

Solus - recline | rock | relax 

Australians do love a good rocking chair or hammock on the deck. This concept explored what would happen if we combined both. This stylish new indoor/outdoor furniture piece is currently being prototype manufactured. Materials being considered include plywood, fibreglass and synthetic polymers. 

Festable - Dining Table 

This is both a personal and commercial project for the team at Clandestine. The team needs a new dining and table for the studio and Clandestine also plans on commercialising the final design in the near future. 

Seating 10 people comfortably this stylish table will utilise brushed stainless steel in its large frame. On top a Corian sheet will provide the table surface whilst Pink Brush Box timber inserts will present serving boards or place mats.