UNHCRe-cycle Shelter Project 

After watching a documentary on UNHCR programmes around the we noticed two things common to refugee camps. The first is that the tent shelters are really only designed to provide temporary protection from the elements yet people may live in these camps for decades. And the second was that these camps generated significant plastic rubbish and waste as all the food aid and consumables is shipped in.

Not fully resolved but still an interesting concept - the UNHCRe-cycle Shelter concept proposes that perhaps with a little design thinking there is a way to negate both the above the problems with a common solution. 

The UNHCRe-cycle Shelter project does not negate the need for tents as part of a refugee camps initial establishment. What it does propose is that the camps subsequent plastic packaging waste be collected, shredded and recycled on site to rationally mould more robust, insulative and secure shelter systems that could be phased in over time.   

Gas fired or Solar powered rotational moulding machines are still being considered but if proven feasible we could conceive moulded home modules like those shown below.

L-shaped bar seats and raised bed plat forms could be integrally moulded into the body. A large hole in the floor could also be moulded and cut out to allow access to an earth fire pit. The roof could be moulded into the body or attached separately allowing these modules to stack and be shipped by truck to other nearby locations.

This roof would facilitate the collection of due or rain whilst still allowing smoke to escape through port hole skylight vents.

Rotationally moulded doors or mosquito mesh screens could also be installed cost effectively into these modules.