Brisbane has a new Kulripa Bridge that crosses our river and graces our great city. The Clandestine crew where inspired by its architectural use of construction elements in tension rather than compression. 

Always looking for new ways to design things with wheels we immediately wondered if bicycle frames had ever explored this concept. We thought that advances in composite fibre and fibre filaments could create road bike frames that would be feather light and structurally strong.  

Research shed light on two things, the first was that modern composite filaments millimeters in diameter are cable of holding tones of mass in tension and the second is that if a one human can think of it, then so can another - we found out that the concept is not new. Check out the dapper looking gent from the 1920's and his tension suspension frame.

Regardless and still inspired we put stylus to screen and sketched out two great looking mens road bike frames that use the concept of carbon fibre frames held in tension by filament wire or cable. For now we are running with the internal project name of Crossbow. You will note the second sketch explores a electric assist crank set hub drive concept. 


Similar to the above, this project explored styling application transfer from the Audi R8 sports car to a proposed Audi Sports Chronograph.