innovan - campers | caravans | mobile shelter systems

One of the design venture projects that Clandestine Design Group and in particular its Director, is investing time and capital into, is a family business he helped create in 2001 called innovan

Initially helping his father design the first range of slide-on campers whilst still at university. Neil now hopes to inject his strategic, tactical design and innovation experience into reinvigorating the business and pushing it to reach succeed in the national and international markets.

Although there are things I would do differently knowing what I know now, I am still amazed at how truly unique and innovative the innovan range is 10 years on from initial development. Initially we will focus on sales and marketing and manufacturing effeciency initiatives. Next year we will start development on next generation models and’s all very exciting!
— Neil Davidson | Clandestine Design Director | Innovan Design Manager

Crossbow - Tension Bicycle 

Brisbane has a new Kulripa Bridge that crosses our river and graces our great city. The Clandestine Design Group team were inspired by its architectural use of construction elements in tension rather than compression. 

Always looking for new ways to design things with wheels we immediately wondered if bicycle frames had ever explored this concept. We thought that advances in composite fibre and fibre filaments could create road bike frames that would be feather light and structurally strong.  

Research shed light on two things, the first was that modern composite filaments millimeters in diameter are cable of holding tones of mass in tension and the second is that if a one human can think of it, then so can another - we found out that the concept is not new. Check out the dapper looking gent from the 1920's and his tension suspension frame.

Regardless and still inspired we put stylus to screen and sketched out two great looking mens' road bike frames that use the concept of carbon fibre frames held in tension by filament wire or cable. For now we are running with the internal project name of Crossbow. You will note the second sketch explores a electric assist crank set hub drive concept.  

Haojiang Concept Motorcycles 

Automotive styling and in particular motorcycle design is a real passion for the team. When Neil worked at CMD he had the chance to pitch and redesign a 150cc motorcycle from Chinese Manufacturer Haojiang and aim it at the small sports bike/utility market in India and South America.

The second concept was more radical and it explored the idea of combining a mid size sports bike (~600cc) front end with a Scooter step through mid section and tail construction.

This concept could provide the best of both worlds to this emerging Sports/Utility market in India and South America.  Great sports aesthetics, wind protection and a larger wheel and suspension systems at the front for rough terrain whilst the rest of the machine offers the benefits this market loves from small capacity Scooters.  

A1GP - Netherlands Car Colour Way 

Product graphics, colour ways and decals are really important in automotive design and for the Clandestine design team a real passion. Several years ago the A1GP ran a design competition to develop a new race livery scheme for the Netherlands team. Below is our final concept inspired by the F16's of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.  

Peugeot 2:1 Concept Car 

This project was submitted as part of a Peugeot Design Competition which requested the development of a high density personal transport solution for the working week that would also be practical for weekends.

The 2:1 concept design optimised outcomes for both usage scenarios by creating a solution where two identical 500cc scooters would be available through the week for a couples individual commuting needs and then easily integrated and connected to form environmentally friendly 1000cc two person smart car for interurban and regional weekend trips.  

Automotive Sketch Studies 

Although Clandestine Design Group is a new company it was founded by an old dog, the below shows that you can teach him new trick or two. At the start of the year our Design Director set the personal challenge to master digital or stylus based sketching and concept work. Below are some experiments and sketch studies focusing on automotive applications.