AUXILIARY Design School Launches

Late last year, Clandestine's Design Director Neil Davidson along with Leo Yip, Leon Fitzpatrick and Carolyn Yip, co founded and launched AUXILIARY - Australia's new independent product design school. 

The team formulated and founded this revolutionary new design education agency because  business today try to must prosper in the face of global instability. Demographic change, new technology and restricted resources have disrupted the marketplace making it far more complex and competitive. Industrial design as a discipline is built on a deep understanding of these disruptors and has the ability to proactively steer business to be prosperous and sustainable on a social, economic and environmental level. 

With the rising recognition of the value of design comes a greater demand for design practitioners, leaders and founders. AUXILIARY meets this need by adding profession ready designers to industry. Through our programme AUXILIARY develops young professionals to confidently and positively contribute to society as employees, freelancers or entrepreneurs.

Australia’s new independent design school, AUXILIARY educates and engages emerging designers with industry. Built on a unique experiential learning framework, AUXILIARY is more educational agency than university, more studio than class room and more factory workshop than clean room. Our product design short course reflects the profession’s best practice and processes ensuring our graduates are ready for launching their careers at the industry showcase.