Little Tokyo 2 Live webcast

Clandestine Design Director, Neil Davidson was given a good-natured grilling back in August, from Jock Fairweather from Little Tokyo Two (LT2) as part of a live webcast.

Neil was one of several entrepreneurs, who shared the highs and lows of forging their own path to success.

Running over a full day the webcast gave insight into the inner workings of co-working space and innovative melting pot LT2.

Neil used his timeslot to share what drove him to become a designer and the fact that he is in the lucky position where his career and passion are one in the same.

This means that Neil easily finds the drive to work on and deliver on a vast array of projects as they boost his entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out Neil’s full interview here where he shared some secrets to his success and revealed the inner-workings of the Industrial Design industry.

Take a look at the other inspiring stories from other entrepreneurs, by viewing the full day webcast in its entirety and visit LT2 to see how they can catapult your career.