2018 Highlights - And what a year it was !!!

CDG enjoy their Team Christmas party 2018

CDG enjoy their Team Christmas party 2018

Clandestine Design Group has had a massive 2018! In fact there has been so much going on that our heads are spinning and we needed to take stock of some of the highlights from throughout the year. Here of some of the big ones that come to mind from present to past.

1.SEMA win for MAXTRAX

MAXTRAX took home their seventh Global Media Award from SEMA, the largest and premier car and car accessory market in the USA. MAXTRAX Hitch and MAXTRAX Winch Ring both launched at SEMA 2018 and won the SEMA Global Media and Product Awards. It was an honour and an amazing achievement for the team, it shows they continue to maintain the highest standards of innovation, design and manufacturing quality over their almost 13 years in operation.

2.Korea visit

CDG Design Director Neil Davidson was invited to judge the Korean Good Design Selection Awards, the peak industry exhibition in Seoul, by the Good Design Awards Australian team. It was an honour for Neil to be invited and for him to gain insight of the Korean Design Industry and make some new friends along the way.

3.Good Design Award wins

CDG are still pinching ourselves over the amount of awards that we took home from the Good Design Awards at the Sydney Opera House - luckily we had enough room in our suitcase!

CDG Team Photo 2018.jpg

Our first win of the evening was for the Audeara A-01 Headphones with a 2018 Good Design Award in the tough Product Design, Consumer Electronics Category.

The hardworking team from Field Orthopaedics Micro Screw Kit received a well-deserved accolade, taking out the Gold Award for Product Design, Medical and Scientific a highly competitive category.

The success continued with the MAXTRAX Xtreme winning a Gold Good Design Award in the Product Design Sport and Lifestyle category. A long-awaited endorsement for the team who created the recovery board category.

Our very talented junior designer Alexandra French also received a Gold Award Next Generation Category for her Capricorn Tent resulting from the AUXILIARY Design School BCF project. AUXILIARY also picked up a GDA in the Digital Design Category. 

4.Ceres Tag - ear tag trial

CDG are excited to be in partnership with the Ceres Tag cattle tags and the CSIRO. The initial field trials have begun in regional Queensland. The Ceres Tag integrates CSIRO’s Data61 technology into the design of the new generation smart tag and the applicator system.

5.Project Tithonus

This year CDG Design Director Neil Davidson’s personal passion project is the continued work on the company Tithonus Truck - a Land Rover Defender who had a previous life as a British Army vehicle. Its already had a few adventures, having served in multiple world wars over the years and now its having some uniquely Australian ones.

Due to some initial ‘mechanical niggles’ the Tithonus and Neil’s Land Rover mechanic are now well-acquainted. Those issues have now been resolved and Neil has recently moved onto reconditioning and rust-proofing the underbody and chassis. Over the Christmas break Neil will be dismantling the metal work accessories, roll bars and bull bars in preparation for an exterior colour change using and innovative new protection product called Raptor Coat. The gallery above has a sneak peak of what is in store for 2019!

6. RapidAIM

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CDG was approached by RapidAIM to create an IoT fruit fly trap that is smart enough to remotely detect, count and notify authorities of potential Fruit Fly dangers in a regionally active manner with live and accurate data. A network of wirelessly connected RapidAIM traps automatically detects fruit flies, and sends alerts in real-time to a cloud-based analytics and storage platform, linked to a mobile app. Receiving real-time phone alerts and early warning forecasts are instantly created for fruit fly hot-spots.



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Clandestine Design Group are excited to collaborate with the YUMM! team to create melt in the mouth chocolates, that also take a message of being mindful of mental wellness to the masses.

8. Audeara continuing to grow in locally and over seas

Back in January the team were able deliver the pre-production A-01 sets to the early release backers and the first wave of feedback was very positive. The Audeara team continued to be featured in major publications throughout 2018 including The Australian, ABC News, and they even made headlines in The Irish Times! The were also featured as part of Australia’s Innovation showcase Australia By design on Channel 10 - check them out in - Season 2 - Episode 3.

No doubt a set of A-01s were on a lot of Christmas lists this year!

9.Field Orthapadics

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The team has some big wins over the course of 2018, including the massive milestone - the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving the Field Orthopaedics Micro Screw System. They used this as a gateway to broker a deal with an American partner Ortho Sales.

Following on from their US release of they are expanding their market presence in to EMEA.They recently formed a partnership with the Ortho Consulting Group will allow Field Orthopaedics to provide this world first product to hand surgeons throughout EMEA.

 Both of these partnerships are potentially very lucrative with the global need for micro screws forecast to be worth $60 billion by 2022.

MAXTRAX to the rescue

Outside of Christmas and New Year, CDGs other main religious festival is the worlds most extreme race - The Dakar Rally! It was very exciting to see more than half the fields car classes utilise the MAXTRAX MkIIs in the deep Fesh Fesh or sand dunes of the Atacama Desert. No doubt we’ll see them in use again in the next in January 2019 as more driver’s decide to take the easy way out! Check out some of last years footage.

In coming Dakar's we expect the Tier 1 competitors to mount the new MAXTRAX Xtremes. As demonstrated recently they were needed to get the judges out of a bogged-in beach drive on the Australia’s Innovation showcase Australia By design on Channel 10 - check out Season 2 Episode 5.