YUMM! are supporting mental health in a thoughtful tasty package


Clandestine Design Group are excited to collaborate with the YUMM! team to create melt in the mouth chocolates, that also take a message of being mindful of mental wellness to the masses.

The YUMM! Team approached the CDG and the legendary Kevin Finn from The Sum Of to assist them to bring the corporate vision, purpose, Brand and Product concept to fruition.

This project differentiated to others, because it didn’t focus on purely commercial returns. The chocolate bar sales funds the development of accessible mental well-being resources.

The YUMM! Team consulted the best in the biz - medical doctors and psychologists who are treating young Australians with mental health issues everyday.

CDG worked with YUMM! to develop sensually pleasing yet cost effective chocolate designs that could be made using a commercial volume of chocolatiers.

For anyone who has ever watched a cooking show knows how tricky tempering chocolate can be and can bring even professional choclatiers to tears. So getting the chocolate separating out of the moulds nicely took some doing.

CDG also relished the chance to collaborate with Kevin who not only did the corporate branding for YUMM! but also worked with CDG on the physical packaging design of the chocolate.

Its widely recognised, the importance on having a focus on and having conversations about whether or not someone is okay-which is why their brand statement is Hello to Happy?

The YUMM! team are committed to giving young Aussies access to educational and engaging mental health tools - all for free!

The topics below are some good conversation starters and are good articles to share:

1.The ten ways that smart technology impacts our mental health

2.The positive power of pets

3.The five signs that your friend may be struggling and how to help

4.How to stay mindful at Christmas

5.A New Year same old you?

These are some great and timely topics particularly with the pressure during the Christmas season and over the New Year season to make massive changes in our lives. But we are still going to be the same even though the start of the new year.

Use social media for good and keep updated from the YUMM! team to see the latest update about where you can buy YUMM! chocolates and have a look at their latest topical posts about important mental health issues.