Disruptive Design changes lives – this film is lifting the lid on the ‘best in the biz’ to prove it

US Company InVision are revealing what happens behind the scenes at the world’s most innovative, successful and globally influential businesses – Disruptive Design.

Disruptive Design is a game changer for traditional businesses and is bringing them unprecedented success. The team at InVision thought that there was an amazing story to tell, with young start-ups disrupting established multi-billion industries.

That story is wrapped up nicely in a feature length documentary.  This format gives viewers fly on the wall access, behind the scenes of businesses that change peoples’ lives.

The documentary gleans insights from thought leaders in UX, UI and product design at Airbnb, Dropbox, Etsy, Evernote, Facebook, Google Ventures, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter and Xero.

Released in early 2016 you can subscribe to watch it for free and see how transformative design can be.

The film also tackles the age-old question – what does a designer do? This documentary helps answer that in a way that your elderly relatives and your clients are both going to understand.

Take a look at the teaser clip that will leave you pondering the big questions – such as “What is the future that you want to build together?”